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We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone. Gift Hope, Gift Happy. One person at a time.

From disappointment to delight, one chemo patient at a time....

Goal: Break stigmas around baldness and appearance while instilling hope and happiness in cancer patients and survivors.

Because: “47% of cancer patients consider hair loss the most traumatic aspect of their treatment, with 8% refusing to get treated because of this fear.”

Beneficiaries: Patients undergoing chemotherapy

Impact Focus: Mental Health, Body Positivity, Hair Loss

Pledge 2020: Mental Health | 1000 Patients | 1 Year

Impact 2020: 100 + hair donations (Awareness impact to 200+ cancer patients / 1500 + community members.)

Marks that alter our identity are terrifying. Every one of us craves moments that remind us that regardless of the physical changes that tend to happen throughout our lives, we all are, and continue to be, beautiful.

When a person is battling cancer, these marks can be devastating. Especially losing hair.

Commemorated in the month of World Cancer Day (February), and carried forward through the year, #baldishappy is a hair donation drive designed to help restore the sense of self, confidence and equilibrium for those touched by cancer. 

The campaign aims to break stigmas around baldness and physical appearance while instilling hope and happiness among cancer patients and survivors.

Awareness: Annual Event on hair donation, and body positivity experiences.

Impact: Obtain hair, convert to synthetic wigs, curate and distribute thoughtful confidence Hampers for chemotherapy patients across the country

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis on project impact and positive influence on chemotherapy patients.

Please Note:

  • Colour treated hair is accepted
  • Hair should not touch the ground

Are you looking for a wig through
your cancer treatment?

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