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Nutrition – what we eat and the level of care we give our bodies directly affects our health. Cancer patients struggle to maintain adequate nutrition owing to multiple reasons. Lack of adequate nutrition results in further problems for the patients making them weak and vulnerable to more side effects and infections. Both treatment and nutrition are equally crucial for a cancer patient but people with limited income can at best afford only one of it.

Oncohappy is seeking funds for our initiative MomisHappy where we provide holistic nutritious packed food hampers for underprivileged cancer patients. The program aims to help 1000 cancer patients every month by providing them the required nutrition for cancer treatment eventually helping them deal better with treatment side effects.

The right nutrition has been

credited with a 60–70%

decrease in breast, colorectal,

and prostate cancers, and a

40–50 % decrease in lung

cancer, all four of which are

major cancers found in India.

Hamper Inclusions: 

The wholesome nutrition hamper costs Rs 1000 which suffice the dietary needs of a cancer patient for the entire month. The hamper includes the monthly food supplies along with a complementary booklet of recipes and nutrition facts for easing the routine.

Food Items
Almonds 200 gm
chia seeds 100 gm
jowar 500 gm
moong dal 500 gm
organic sama rice 500 gm
bajra 500 gm
ghee 200 gm
Dates 200 gm
Turmeric 100 gm
Sattu 500 gm
Jaggery 500 gm
Ajwain 50 gm
ragi flour/ Nachni 500 gm
Clove 20 gm
Hing 50 gm
foxtail millets 500 gm

Join Oncohappy in our journey to improve cancer lives by providing nutritious hampers in collaboration with our registered cancer care accommodation partners and contribute significantly to the aspect of  Nutrition in Integrated Oncology.

“Lets Work Together to make cancer journeys Easier, Better and Happier”