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A Mural Art Project

Add colours to cancer spaces, one wall at a time!...

Goal: A mural project aimed to uplift cancer spaces

Because: “Colour stimulates the release of serotonin, which induces feelings of happiness and well-being.”

Beneficiaries: Cancer patients, caregivers, and cancer-focused hospitals, clinics, institutes, accommodation centres

Impact focus: Mental Health

Pledge 2020: Mental Health | 12 Cancer Spaces | 1 Year

Impact so far: 10 cancer spaces, 10,00,000 beneficiaries.

Brief “Entering the world of cancer can be very dim. From the responsibility a medical student takes in becoming an oncologist, to the mother who watches her four-year-old deal with chemotherapy, the malignancy of cancer plagues everyone involved—their minds, bodies and spirits.

We know that in order to win this fight, it takes all of us, entirely, and how we are feeling in every moment becomes an integral part of the victory. Research on colour psychology shows that there is a correlation between colour and the way we feel. We want to bridge the gap and provide a gateway towards mind healing and inner peace.

#colourishappy is an initiative to brighten up the lives of anyone coming across the battle with Cancer. By beautifying a wall of cancer institutions, we hope to create a haven for anyone that chooses to set foot in the space. 

Our goal is to rebuild the sense of community, to instil a voice among everyone on this journey and to bring back COLOR into the lives that need it the most. 

  1. Hospital Onboarding and Assessment of wall from a professional artist/ muralist
  2. Research from therapists that solidify the concept of a mural in relation to mental health
  3. Consultation on themes and concepts with hospital
  4. Wall preparation, material procurement, volunteer allocation
  5. Design from professional artist/muralist
  6. The artist takes 7-10 days to finish a wall depending on the size of the wall. 
  7. A colourful wall breathes life in the minds of millions of patients and caregivers!

Are you a cancer hospital/center looking to add colours to your walls?

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Even just one wall, one painting, will impact so many lives from now on, thank you for doing this

A cancer caregiver

Mumbai OncoCare Center

You are doing a great job, the idea that we can break free is what healing is all about and you got it right with the butterflies.

A cancer caregiver

HCG, Borivali

Thank you so much for the fabulous mural. It’s really delightful. Your team went through a lot of trouble with trying out two murals for us but the results are well worth the effort. I hope that you will paint many more walls for us. The entire SRCC family is grateful for your commitment and involvement.

Dr . Soonu Udani

Medical Director, SRCC