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Raised: Rs.5,000.00
Goal: Rs.25,200,000.00

We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone. Gift Hope, Gift Happy. One person at a time.

From guiding to funding one patient at a time....

Goal: Bringing emergency fund for cancer treatment, one life at a time.

Because: We need to address the financial gap that cancer patients face by providing emergency funds for cancer treatment and medicines.

Beneficiaries: Underprivileged patients undergoing treatment at a renowned hospital in Mumbai.

Impact Focus: 30 patients a day/ 600 patients a month (20 working days)

Pledge 2022:  Helping 25000+ patients with their emergency needs on ground

Contribution:  3500/- per month per patient.

As we all know, in 2019 the most uncertain thing happened i.e., a pandemic took over the world and now in 2022 it’s over, our isolation phase came to an end, and we are back on socialization. But unfortunately, the fight to end cancer is not over yet! Everyday someone gets news that they or their loved one is diagnosed with cancer and when one’s life turns upside down – Every bit of strength counts and every connection that brings hope counts!
#hopeishappy is a fundraising campaign where the donors can adopt a patient every month to make his journey easier. We guide and help cancer patients on ground at the hospital with emergency funds to facilitate their immediate need for diagnostics, treatment and medicines. 
Transparency and Flexibility | Monthly giving | Quarterly reporting | Annual Measurement l Daily Impact
” Bringing hope to patients, one life at a time “

Awareness: Annual Event focused on the importance of funding in the cancer journey.

Impact: Providing on-ground support to cancer patients from guiding to funding.

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis of project impact and positive influence on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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ONCOHAPPY has been doing excellent work for underprivileged cancer patients all over Mumbai and specifically at Tata Memorial Hospital. I am thrilled to be involved with these activities as being the Ex-Head PR at Tata Memorial Hospital and Ex-head of Administration at Kharghar Institute of ACTREC I have worked for these patients for more than 30 years. Now it is a continuation of working with ONCOHAPPY with the same cause of helping cancer patients.


Dr. Humayun Jafri




I am responsibly empathetic.
I make sure patients are at ease every step of the way. I work closely with them to make sure they have less waiting time and get the right guidance in their treatment.




Amir Behera

Patient Guide

If there is any not-for-profit organization I’ve seen actually doing what they claim they want to do, it has to be Oncohappy. I’m privileged to be a donor and lifelong supporter of Oncohappy, as I’ve been part of the many initiatives they have undertaken for the betterment of everyone dealing with cancer. From awareness drives to actual fieldwork – hair donations, patient guidance, personalized patient care, and support – they are doing it all, and they are absolutely nailing it. You have to see it and be a part of it to believe it. 

I am a proud Oncohappy supporter. Will you be one?

Anirv Dedhia

Donor & Supporter