Building holistic cancer care, one patient at a time.

Who We Are

OncoHappy is a social initiative focused on giving holistic cancer care to patients and caregivers.

We provide integrative approaches to cancer care awareness, give access to curated information, and facilitate therapy-based mind-body healing experiences.

We personalize cancer journeys, one patient at a time.

our mission

To bring hope, happiness, and love to those touched by cancer.

Our Offering

Access to Right Information

Get the right information on holistic healing and cutting-edge treatment wherever you are.

Holistic Cancer Advisory

Get expert consultations on diagnoses, second opinions, treatment advice, and end-to-end support.

Experience Holistic Cancer Care

Synergistic partnerships with domain experts across the cancer support space just for you.

Get Priority Discounts

Our large network of cancer care partners make cost-effective support possible for you.

Get Tailor-Made Mentorship & Community Support

Our approach customizes solutions for your unique needs anytime anywhere.

OncoHappy to Help!

Need any guidance through your cancer journey? We’re always happy to help!

Our Approach

We A-I-M to make a difference, one life at a time.


Online and offline therapy sessions on thematic areas of healing and wellness for cancer.


Implementing projects through collaboration with hospitals, doctors, cancer NGOs, support groups, integrative therapists, and artists.

Measure Outcomes

Monitoring and evaluating the impact of integrative therapies through customized tools and techniques.

Our Impact


projects / initiative




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Driven by love, and inspired by grief, we needed to channelize the learnings of
our encounter with the big “C.” 

There were many gaps in our journey with cancer – seeking and gathering
information, access to resources, personalized care, patient well-being, social
stigmas, caregiver trauma, and the constant fear of what next?

Nobody should have to struggle to find these answers.
Nobody should give up because they don’t know better.

We asked ourselves this –

How do we help others
manage their cancer
journeys and make
better-informed decisions?

So, in 2017, OncoHappy started its journey with one overarching goal in mind; to change the cancer narrative. One patient at a time.

We are listeners, believers, hackers, and healers. We hope to give more of ourselves, whether its strength, love, compassion, healing or the will to live. 

We, at OncoHappy, believe in living it up – fully, deeply, wisely, without fear or remorse.


This is for Mom, and for everyone who embraces their journeys, gracefully.

– Mansi Mehta, Founder & Director


Our Founders