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Essential Ingredients Hamper!

Building immunity organically, one cancer patient at a time....

Goal: Awareness, screening and experience initiatives focused on Women’s health

Because: “The right nutrition has been credited with a 60–70 % decrease in breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers, and even a 40–50 % decrease in lung cancer, along with similar reductions in cancers at other sites.”

Beneficiaries: Women touched by cancer

Impact Focus: Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Pledge 2020: Nutrition | 1000 Moms | 1 Year

Impact so far: 150 + women and mothers touched by cancer.

“What did you eat today?” is a question that unites every mother around the globe. 

In a world where food is a form of communication and an extension to the care our mothers provide, most of us have been asked this question numerous times over the course of our life. 

Nutrition, what we eat and the level of care we give our bodies directly affects our health — how we feel today, tomorrow and in the future. Especially in cases of a cancer diagnosis, diet and daily consumption is an integral part of treatment strategies. Studies suggest that healthy dietary patterns can help decrease symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. 

Turns out, our mother’s daily concern is more important than we realize. Oncohappy brings you a unique opportunity to honour her brilliant instincts.

#momishappy is an initiative designed to influence nutrition, health and wellness of women touched by cancer.

Awareness: Annual Event focused on the importance of nutrition in cancer journeys

Impact: Curate and distribute healthy Nutrition Hampers for patients across the country.

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis on project impact and positive influence on cancer patients.

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“Thank you for organizing a beautiful programme for us. Every one of us enjoyed the music story script and shayari.”

It was a pleasure to spend Mother’s day at an event organised to support the nutritional needs of cancer patients. The spirit of fighters keeps all of us in the medical field motivated.

Debmitta Dutta


I can’t thank the OncoHappy team enough for all the efforts they put together to bring doctors, cancer warriors and survivors, journalists, bloggers, working women, socialites and chefs under one roof to celebrate Mother’s day in a very special way.

Soumya Gopi