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Goal: Rs.1,000.00

Corporate Wellness Hamper!

Wellness at workplace, one employee at a time....

Goal: Preventive holistic care through lifestyle changes.

Because: “91% of healthy employees are inspired to bring their best to the workplace.”

Beneficiaries: Corporate employees

Impact Focus: Preventive Holistic Care

Pledge 2020: Preventive Holistic care | 1000 employees | 1 Year

Impact so far: 200+ employees

“A recent study of 7,500 full-time employees found that 23 % reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 % reported feeling burned out sometimes.” 

Are today’s employees healthy?

On average, an employee will spend a quarter of their lives at work. And yet, a phrase like “Monday blues” is very familiar in the workplace. Our current healthcare system is directed towards treating symptoms, not preventing diseases. With health and well-being issues of employees on the rise, taking action is no longer a luxury, but rather a need.

#workishappy, an initiative by OncoHappy, aims to bring a holistic and multidimensional approach to employee wellness. Utilizing qualified therapists and in-depth experience, with an emphasis on personalization, customization and impact measurement, the program is designed to suit all workplace needs.

Because wellness should start in the workplace, one employee at a time.

Awareness: Annual Event focused on the importance of preventive holistic care at the workplace

Impact: Curate and provide wellness Hampers for employees

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis on project impact and positive influence on employees.


All proceeds from our corporate wellness Hampers are utilised towards supporting our other projects for the lesser privileged.

Want to make sure your employees are healthy and happy?

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I absolutely love the way the assessment was done and the way OncoHappy has personally walked the journey with us, mentally and physically. Yoga and nutrition played a big role in changing my lifestyle. The hamper was well thought through and I personally loved the granolas.

Pritam Chaudhar Y

I loved the way everything was well planned and executed since day one. It was difficult to maintain our fitness due to heavy workload but the efforts of OncoHappy made us change our minds towards fitness. There were a few changes in our daily routine and we enjoyed the sessions.

LB Chand

I tried to attend most of the sessions even though I was facing some difficulties because of my body. I enjoyed the yoga session the most cause it was more relaxing than the other sessions. I also got time to sleep for a few minutes at the end of the session. I take out a few minutes to practice some one the asanas which are easy and very effective.