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Express To Heal Hamper!

Enable emotional strength, one cancer emotion at a time....

Goal: Expressive therapies for improving emotional health in cancer.

Because: “Studies suggest that art therapy can be very valuable in treating issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Beneficiaries: Cancer patients, caregivers and general awareness

Impact Focus: Mental Health, Expressive Healing

Pledge 2020: Expressive Art | 30000 Patients and Caregivers | 1 Year

Impact so far: 100 Art Sessions | 2500+ cancer patients and caregivers

Creative expression is often a means of communication for those who have no words. Especially in cases of traumatic incidents, making art is both therapeutic and useful, regardless of your level of skill.

For those touched by cancer, whether it’s the patient themselves, their family or caregivers, it is a difficult journey, altering their lives forever.

Expressive art therapy is considered a therapeutic combination of using art as a method to release stress and improve the mental health of anyone on the journey with cancer. #artishappy is an initiative designed to bring expressive art solutions to hospitals, centres and other cancer spaces. 

We believe the best chance of beating the beast is a happy mind.

Awareness: Annual Event focused on the importance of expressive healing in cancer journeys

Impact: Curate and distribute expressive healing Hampers for the mental health of cancer patients across the country.

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis on project impact and positive influence on cancer patients.

Are you a cancer patient seeking to heal through expression?

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