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Holistic Fitness Hamper!

Building endurance, one cancer mind at a time....

Goal: Embracing men’s mental & emotional health with awareness, care and solidarity.

Because: “One in three people with cancer experience depression or anxiety disorders before, during or after treatment.”

Beneficiaries: Men touched by cancer

Impact Focus: Mental Health

Pledge 2020: Holistic Care | 1000 men | 1 Year

Impact so far: Recent launch

Brief Studies suggest that the rate of cancer mortality is higher in men than in women. While cancer can affect anyone, the truth is, the numbers show that many men touched by cancer are not receiving the correct information to prevent, treat and suppress the disease.

#beardishappy aims to provide fitness support to men touched by cancer. By building programs that increase awareness and provide integrated solutions, we hope to prepare men to better handle their battles with cancer.

Awareness: Annual Event focused on the importance of mental and physical strength & fitness in cancer journeys

Impact: Curate and distribute strength & fitness Hampers to cancer patients across the country.

Measurement: Our unique tools provide analysis on project impact and positive influence on cancer patients

Want to build endurance and strength through your cancer journey?

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